Jewish Holidays and Evangelism

A small minority of Jewish people are faithfully religious

But the vast majority still loves their Jewish culture and holidays.

Every holiday has its special traditions, foods, songs…
God has put symbols of the Messiah in the Jewish holidays.

We study Jewish culture and holidays to:
• Show love and build relationships
• Share the Gospel.

How to use a Jewish holiday:

1. Study the holiday

      • Its Biblical foundations
      • How Jewish people today celebrate the holiday
      • What symbols of the Messiah are hidden in the holiday? How can I use this holiday to witness?

2. Visit your Jewish neighbor

3. Wish him “Hag sameah!” or “Happy ________!”

4. Give him a card.

5. Enclose a Gospel tract based on that holiday.

6. Give him the holiday treat.

    1. Rosh HaShanah- apples & honey
    2. Passover- coconut macaroons
    3. Hanukkah- sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts) and latkes (potato cakes)

7. Ask with genuine interest about the holiday.

      • How do you celebrate this holiday?
      • What does it mean to you?

8. Share with him your favorite thing about the holidaythe Gospel.

Celebrate With Us!

But please be aware that this page is just to inform you of the Holiday.

We do not endorse the fact that it is biblical to practice any Jewish Holiday. This site is just to educate you, as well as teach you ways to Witness with our Jewish Friends

Please read this document on the

Hebrew Roots Movement and the harm in it


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